Role of the School Counseling Department

School counselors play a key role in the life of a child. Duties of a school counselor may vary from school to school and district to district, but all school counselors share common goals and have state guidelines to follow. We are here to assist students, parents/guardians, and school personnel. 
We work with students to provide counseling for a variety of situations including:
  • ensuring graduation requirements are met for every student
  • dealing with the transition to a new school or grade level
  • personal or family issues
  • self-esteem and awareness
  • making decisions and setting goals
  • poor grades, attendance, and/or behavior
  • scheduling appropriate courses each school year
  • planning for careers and/or education after high school
  • financial aid and scholarships

These topics are covered in multiple settings such as individual meetings, large group presentations, classroom presentations, and after school presentations.
We work with parents to offer assistance in dealing with the above issues relating to their child.

We are available for scheduled individual meetings, phone consultations, and email communications.
We, as a department, care about our students and look forward to assisting each and every one of them. We want them to know we have a wealth of information available to help each student be successful in high school and beyond.
Please contact us if we can help in any way.
The Beech H.S. Counseling Department